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Deer Antler Spray

Many people are constantly searching for the newest, most effective method of building more muscle and achieving higher levels of performance. Unfortunately, this quest often leads them down some very bad roads, including resorting to injectable based, synthetic supplements or drugs. These methods are often not only physically dangerous, but also illegal.

Deer Antler Spray is the Solution

Fortunately, there's no longer any reason to choose such dangerous means. Science has recently found a natural supplement that is both safe and legal, and it has been proven to build more muscle quickly. This unique supplement is called Deer Antler Spray.

Deer Antler Spray is made from a soft material called deer antler velvet, which is found on newly developing male deer antlers, and it is especially prevalent in the New Zealand Red Deer. Deer antler velvet leads to swift division of cells, which result in the antler's massive growth rate within an extremely small amount of time. This produces the enormous, tough antlers which is found on adult male deer.

This explosive antler growth has been thoroughly researched by scientists. They have discovered that while this process is the result of growth factors as well as amino acids, the key element is the hormone Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1, (more commonly known as IGF-1,) which is found in the deer antler velvet. This hormone is the same substance found in humans and is actually very closely related to human growth hormone, also known as HGH. The pituitary gland produces HGH, whereas the liver produces IGF-1 only when HGH is present.

When the level of human growth hormone increases, it causes IGF-1 levels to rise as well. IGF-1 can create the highest level of protein synthesis and human muscle tissue growth, and its effects go on significantly longer than HGH, while also amplifying the effectiveness of the HGH itself. For humans, this results in more noticeable and powerful muscle strength and size without having to alter their diet or exercise routines. With such incredible results, it is easy to understand why Deer Antler Spray has become such a popular supplement.

The Best Deer Antler Spray: AntlerX

The most effective deer antler spray on the market today is AntlerX, the success of which is produced by harvesting antler velvet at the time when it is most nutrient-dense. AntlerX combines this organic source of IGF-1 and other growth factors with additional potent anabolic factors, resulting in the best IGF-1 supplement that doesn't require a prescription. AntlerX contains established muscle-building nutrients, which it combines with more than 100 Mg of natural deer antler velvet to heighten its performance, producing the best results. This powerful Deer Antler Spray makes it clear why so many people (including professional bodybuilders and athletes) are avoiding expensive prescriptions, illegal steroids and unhealthy injections, opting instead for the convenience, safety, and proven results of AntlerX.

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