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HGH Shots

The Alternative to HGH Shots

Let’s face it - none of us like going to the doctor for a shot. No matter how big a 'man' someone is, the needles still hurt and the pain is still real, no matter how easy it is to ignore.

So if you are looking for a way to increase your human growth hormone levels, why would you even consider HGH shots as a way to take the products?


HGH shots are more than just painful - they are dangerous. Injecting yourself with synthetic human growth hormone with these HGH shots can cause your pituitary gland to shut down, thereby decreasing the amount of the hormone your body takes naturally and causing you severe health problems.

HGH shots are also expensive. Each of these HGH shots can sometimes cost as much as one thousand dollars or more. They’re also illegal, so purchasing HGH shots involves trying to skirt the law for reasons that could be avoided if you simply used a growth hormone booster instead.

Human growth hormone boosters, like Sytropin, use essential amino acids found regularly in food and vegetables to help stimulate your body’s own natural production of the chemical.

HGH shots simply put some synthetic hormone in your system. The hormone is not your own. But Sytropin and other supplements increase your body’s own natural HGH, so you will see much fewer side effects.
Similarly, these boosters cost thousands less. A year’s supply can cost you less than a single dose in the injectable form.

Natural scientists and alternative medicine enthusiasts everywhere have begun instructing their patients to look towards these natural boosters as a much safer way to increase their human growth hormone levels.


Human growth hormone has several benefits. It helps improve muscle mass and vigor, and it improves the libido in people who have been losing the spark in their relationships. It also improves skin tone and sleep cycles, so using a growth hormone booster like Sytropin is a great way to make yourself look healthier in all aspects of your life.

With so many wondrous benefits, it’s no wonder that increasing a person’s level of growth hormone has become such a popular goal of late. However, HGH shots are simply too dangerous and too expensive a method of increasing your body’s hormone levels. So instead of using HGH shots, consider using safe, effective and all natural supplements like Sytropin. You can get all of the benefits of an increase in HGH levels without any of the dangerous side effects.